Vinay Katiyar is a Search Marketer and the CEO of Redirekt, a full-service search marketing & advertising agency helping small and medium sized enterprises across the world.

​Vinay Katiyar’s Story​:

​At the core, ​Vinay is a Search Marketer who happens to be good at understanding consumer behavior. Started back in 2013 w/, did it part-time for two and a half years, dropped out of college twice and got full-time into blogging & SEO in December 2015.

Started w/ niche marketing, made good money w/ Adsense & flipping websites so got full-time into building, scaling and flipping of digital assets.

In late 2016, I found out some people are trying to help aspiring people make money, always wanted to give back to the community so started a community w/ some online friends named Bloggers World (currently, Earning Labs) and helped aspiring bloggers get into digital space by organizing free webinars on YouTube.

Helped thousands of people make a living online w/ little to no investment.​


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